Flood and Drought Management Tools
14 Jun 2017 | report   From Data and Information to Planning
On the 5th and 6th of September, The Hydro-informatics Centre (HIC) organised a workshop with participants from Myanmar, Thailand (HAII), ESA and the GEF Floods and Droughts Management Tools project (DHI/IWA). The aim of the workshop was to enhance the levels of understanding around the possibili...
14 Jun 2017 | report   Bangkok Expert Training
Report on the expert training held from 13-15 December 2016. The training focused on the catchment and basin aspect of the water utility through i) data and information availability through satellite data to supplement the existing observation network, ii) support to the WSP process through the w...
10 Jun 2017 | information-sheet   Volta Basin factsheet
The basin factsheets provide a more extensive overview of the Volta Basin. The aim is to provide more insight into why management of floods and droughts is essential.
17 May 2017 | presentation   The challenges and experiences in developing multi-objective basin plans (webinar)
Flood and Drought Webinar #15
03 Apr 2017 | newsletter   FDMT Newsletter: Vol. 9
Update on the Flood and Drought Management Tools project - April 2017
15 Mar 2017 | presentation   Water Safety Plans – a risk management approach from catchment to consumer
Flood and Drought Webinar #4
28 Feb 2017 | presentation   Drought early warning and assessment, experiences from Africa
Flood and Drought Webinar #3
12 Jan 2017 | presentation   Drought management today - cases from Asia
Flood and Drought Webinar #2
09 Dec 2016 | newsletter   FDMT Newsletter: Vol. 8
Update on the Flood and Drought Management Tools project - December 2016
24 Nov 2016 | presentation   Use of satellite data for drought and flood management (Technical presentation)
Flood and Drought Webinar #1