Flood and Drought Management Tools

Pilot Basin stakeholders convene in Thailand, Bangkok

News ― Flood and Drought Management Tools inception phase meeting

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From 23-24 November 2014, 29 representatives from the Volta Basin, Lake Victoria Basin and Chao Phraya basin convened in Bangkok over 2 days for an inception phase meeting. The Inception phase meeting was a continuation of the past consultation meetings held in the three respective basins in which the Project Team sought input from key stakeholders from catchment organisations, utilities and water regulators. Details of the inception phase meeting can be found here: [Inception phase meeting report][Appendix 5].

A basin organisation representative from each of the 3 pilot basins set the scene with presentations on flood and drought management issues in their respective basins; this included the challenges at the local level, especially for water utilities; and how basin organisations (or national institutions) are interacting with water utilities and other local stakeholders.

The inception phase meeting further provided a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to engage with one another, understand their experiences and challenges. The meeting also ensure all stakeholders were aware of revisions made to the project components (i.e. objectives, activities and deliverables, etc.), which resulted from input from consultations meetings held in each basin.

Stakeholder engagement has been crucial for the development and progress of the project. The consultation meetings and inception phase meeting provided valuable insights and understanding of the needs of stakeholders. The meetings were an opportunity to ensure key basin stakeholders endorsed the Flood and Drought Management Tools project; showing commitment and support as the project pushes forward.