Flood and Drought Management Tools

Stakeholder meeting takes place in Ouagadougou

News ― Thursday 21st of August

As part of the visit to the Volta basin, the project team presented the project in connection with the IWA WSP meeting in Ouagadougou. The meeting was an opportunity to present the project for stakeholders from other areas than the project designated basins.

The following organisations participated in the morning session of the meeting:  Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority, Societe des Eaux de Guinee, Senegalaise Des Eaux, Liberia Water and sewerage authority, Regideso (Burundi), WHO (Ethiopia), Peace Corps, Manobi and GSMA Mobile for Development.

During the morning session the project team presented the objectives and content of the project, and a draft vision of how the final deliverables would look (DSS platform for water planning at basin and local level). The project presentation was followed by presentations from ONEA, Ghana Water and Volta Basin Authority, focusing on the status of the planning activities and identified gaps where the current planning process could be improved by the project.

The morning session resulted in valuable feedback that will be utilised during the inception phase. The afternoon session was used for a detailed discussions with Ghana water, on the collaboration during the project and how the project could aim at assisting the current planning process.

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