Flood and Drought Management Tools

Visit at Ziga dam (Burkina Faso)

News ― August 2014

The Flood & Drought Management Tools project visited the Ziga Dam and water treatment plant outside of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The dam, which is operated by the l'Office National de l'Eau et de l'Assainissement (ONEA) – Office of Water and Sanitation – provides 70% of domestic water supply to Ouagadougou. The Ziga Dam was completed in 2004 and is located approximately 40 km south of Ouagadougou and has currently (2014) a capacity of 4500 m3/hours, and is expected to be extended to 9000 m3/hour in 2016. With the extension in 2016 the dam will maintain a sufficient water supply to the city of Ouagadougou at least until 2030 based on projected population growth and climate change. The capacity of the dam is designed to withstand a 2 year drought, and is also an important buffer during high rainfall events to prevent downstream flooding.

ONEA is one of the key stakeholders for the F&DMT project in the Volta basin, and the Ziga Dam is one of the components to consider in the development of the planning of the decision support system (DSS) in the project.

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