Flood and Drought Management Tools


The methodology is based on an online approach providing stakeholders access to a series of web based technical tools which can be used individually or collectively to incorporate information about floods and droughts and likely climatic scenarios into planning across scales to address impacts.

The tools enable users to carry out baseline assessments using readily available satellite data, impact assessments through the analysis of the data, planning options and a means for disseminating information to relevant groups or individuals.

The project’s tools are integrated in a single workflow and can be used anywhere in the world to support planning for floods and droughts. The outcome enables stakeholders to compile information, from models, indicators and existing planning approaches, so as to develop future planning scenarios that are robust, resilient and pragmatic.

The development of the tools to support flood and drought planning has been in partnership with stakeholders through consultations and trainings across the three pilot basins (Chao Phraya Basin, Lake Victoria Basin and Volta Basin). The project also benefits from collaboration with water management authorities in learning basins (the Nile Basin and Danube Basin) and through work with strategic partners (e.g. WHO) to gather knowledge and experiences for the development of the tools.