Flood and Drought Management Tools

FDMT Water Indicator application

Release note

The Water Indicator application is now released as a new application on the Floods and Drought portal (www.flooddroughtmonitor.com).

The Water Indicator application enables users to identify water related indicators for understanding the current state of water resources, the changes in these resources and whether or not interventions produce the desired effect.

Water Indicator application available on the Flood and Drought Portal

Indicators and indicator framework

The Water Indicator application contains a comprehensive library of water related indicators and built in frameworks providing an overview of water related issues (divided into main and subgroups) and related indicators used for measuring the state of the water related issue.

The main functionality relates to:

  • Customise and build on the comprehensive, default indicator frameworks
  • Build your own indicator frameworks making use of the indicator library
  • Add your own indicators to the Water Indicator application
  • Share indicator descriptions or frameworks with other users

You will be able to identify relevant indicators to be used for monitoring the state of the priority water related issues in your  river basin or catchment.

Default indicator framework for river basin users. Provides an overview of relevant indicators to be used for monitoring water related issues.

A number of default indicator frameworks exists for different users. You will be able to clone and modify the default frameworks or create your own frameworks.

View meta-data description for indicators

Indicator descriptions are available for all indicators and provides in-depth information on the background, use, calculation of the indicators. You can upload your own indicator descriptions or clone and edit the existing indicators.

Download the release note here.