Flood and Drought Management Tools

ASEAN Application of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Resilience Water Management Workshop

Monday 4th April 2016 | Bangkok, Thailand

ASEAN Application of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Resilience Water Management Workshop

About Workshop

This workshop is an open and ongoing international collaboration among ASEAN countries to develop Science and Technology implementation to support Water Resource Management System in ASEAN. The previous workshop, “Science, Technology and Innovation Workshop on ASEAN Water Resource Management System”, a side meeting of the ASEAN COST 69, on 24th May 2015 in Phuket, Thailand, has agreed upon establishing a network on water related matters, including disaster prevention and climate change resilience. The current emphasis is on identifying the country needs for data, information, analysis tools, and capacity building to strengthen ASEAN capability in water management and disaster risk reduction.


  • Establish ASEAN open data portal: concentrate on water and climate change data to support the work of ASEAN Working Group on Water Resources Management (AWGWRM), ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology (ASEAN COST), and ASEAN Disaster Management and Humanitarian Association Division
  • Identify priorities and promote concrete collaboration in capacity building regarding water management and climate change.
  • Disseminate ASEAN application of Science and Technology in Disaster Risk Resilience Water Management
  • Collectively, agree upon implementation roadmap for collaborative effort in information integration and capacity building.

Target participants

ASEAN representatives in Science and Technology, water and disaster governmental agencies, academia and international organizations related to water management.

Expected outcomes

  • To establish a partnership of science and technology, water and disaster by mobilizing relevant institutions and networks to share and develop the assessment, science advice, capacity development, and good practice.
  • To agree upon implementation roadmap for collaborative effort in information integration and capacity building
  • To share information in the application of Data Systems, Capacity Building and Good Practice

Workshop detail

The workshop is divided into 3 sessions:


This session will highlight an importance of information and technology required for water management and disaster risk reduction as well as coping with future climate extremes in ASEAN region. Information such as hydro-meteorological data in near real-time, remote sensing data or satellite images are necessary for monitoring and evaluating the disaster situations. Also, applying relevant S&T will assist the information collecting and managing the optimum use of water in various aspects e.g. water supply, flood-forecasting, disaster warning, drought management, etc. The goals of this session are:-

  • to share necessary information, technology and technical assistances among the ASEAN network to improve the water management and manage related disasters
  • to develop a public data portal and clearing house (www.aseanwater.net) to support operational flood and drought management and also impact assessment for future climate scenarios
  • to identify joint research projects or activities to promote strong scientific collaborations


Realizing the need of emerging professionals and talents to collaboratively develop sustainability in ASEAN region, the collaboration of finding capacity needs of each country is very essential. Mutual agreement on major areas for capacity building is the priority. Empowering and reinforcing regional institution will also increase the opportunity to build capacities of ASEAN professionals. This session will enhance the collaboration and strengthen ASEAN talents through training, workshop, exchange program, and funding. The goals of this session are:-

  • to assess and identify human resource assessment needs, contribution, and prioritize area of necessary development
  • to build partnership to support capacity building for students, professionals, and talents in priority field
  • to create equal opportunity for human resource development of ASEAN experts
  • to organize joint capacity building programs, i.e., trainings or workshops


This session will illustrate activities related to science and technology application for Community Water Resource Management and exchange experiences, knowledge and sharing techniques and tools to sustainable development. The goals of this session are:-

  • to share knowledge and experience on capability and good practices for data collection
  • to promote disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in water resource management through the application of science and technology

All presentations can be found at here.