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Blog guideline

The blog is all about personal perspectives that, by shining a light on complex issues, make the work of the organisation more understandable; it acts to put a human face to the organisation and the issues. The blog increases the amount of regular, good quality, original material that can be promoted through other channels, particularly social media.

Brief blog guideline can be downloaded here.

Blog guideline


  • Posts should be no more than 500-700 words, written in the first person by a single author.
  • The tone should be professional but conversational, anecdotal and candid.
  • Include at least one photo that illustrates the topic being discussed – photos of people are engaging, but static images of workshops or meetings are not.
  • The content should not be self-promotional or overtly promotional of a company or product - posts should be issues and ideas led, not read like publicity material or advertising.
  • Blog entries linked to a web story or press release posted on your organisation website must differentiate by providing a different angle or perspective.


  • Write informally and be prepared to engage in a ‘conversation’ if people comment on your post.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality – people expect your personal opinion even if they don’t agree.
  • Include links to other web content and embed them into the text.
  • Make use of subheadings to structure the narrative. It also facilitates the reader to scan the text.
  • Keep in mind that you’re writing for an international audience, avoid colloquial language and over-complex sentence structure – research shows that any sentence over 8 words becomes increasingly less understandable on first reading.
  • Promote your blog through relevant channels, organizational and personal – people can’t read it if they don’t know about it.