Flood and Drought Management Tools

FDMT Issue Analysis application

Release note / July 2017

The Issue Analysis application is now released as a new application on the Flood and Drought portal (www.flooddroughtmonitor.com).

The Issue Analysis application aims at analyzing environmental issues and the causes behind the impacts from the environmental issues. The application is based on the Causal Chain Analysis (CCA) method and the Water Resource Issues Assessment Method (WRIAM).

Issue Analysis application available on the Flood and Drought Portal

Issue Analysis

The key objectives with the application are to:

  • Evaluate the key issues and assess the cause behind the associated environmental impacts
  • Prioritise the environmental impacts based on a rapid assessment (WRIAM)

The Issue Analysis application is intended for a workshop setting supporting the following outcomes:

  • Understanding the causes behind specific issues
  • Able to target the planning towards the “deeper” causes
You will be able to identify relevant environmental issues and their related causes. This is critical for the design and implementation of the planning process.

Main functionality in the Issue Analysis application

Issue analyses developed by other users are shared according to the working group permissions (visible for users in same working group but only editable for the author).

Example of existing Issues and Analysis (from Lake Victoria Basin)

Download the release note here.

To know more about the Issue Analysis application click here.