Flood and Drought Management Tools

Floods and Droughts: risks, challenges and solutions in a climate changing environment

Organised by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the International Water Association (IWA) November 14th - Buenos Aires, Argentina

As climate variability continues to grow, uncertainty in water availability and quality fluctuates as extreme events; i.e. flood and droughts, become more frequent, severe and less predictable. This workshop explores how to address challenges posed by climate related extreme events using technology to reduce impacts and improve planning. The first half will highlight droughts including how climate data and risk assessment can be used for drought preparedness by Katharine Cross, IWA. After a discussion to share knowledge on drought issues the focus will turn to floods with Mauro Nalesso, IDB providing an overview of the challenges in the LAC region, followed by showcases of technology for flood forecasting and assessment from Reinaldo García, Hydronia and RTI. A second discussion will have an emphasis on floods and the use of technology to better prepare for these events.