Flood and Drought Management Tools

New Water Utility Response On-The-Go App

Install the Response On-The-Go App on your Apple or Android Mobile Device

The Water Utility Response On-The-Go App consolidates and makes accessible from the field, information and tools that water utility operators and their response partners may need during an emergency. Downloading Response On-The-Go can help responders and stakeholders increase situational awareness, facilitate coordination, and enhance overall response efforts.


The App allows users to:

  • Identify and contact emergency response partners
  • Monitor local and national severe weather
  • Review and complete incident-specific checklists
  • Populate, save and email damage assessment forms with photo attachments
  • Access Incident Command System procedures and resources

To download the app:

For Apple devices click here.EXIT

For Android devices click here.EXIT

This article was originally posted on The United States Environmental Protection Agency. Read the originally story here.