Flood and Drought Management Tools

Twitter guideline

Twitter is an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you are interested. It is also a quick way to share what you are going with others.

                            Brief Twitter guideline can be downloaded here.

Twitter guideline


  • Tweet in the  box written 'What's happening?"
  • Retweet message from others that are relevant to share with your followers
  • You can reply to a tweet by adding @username (name of the twitter account) at the beginning of your message
  • You can also mention a specific person/organisation in a tweet by adding @username at the end of your message. They will be notified by your tweet and there is a higher change of being retweeted.


Following people/organisations on Twitter will allow you to get their information on your home page, it is the same principle as Facebook. You can also hashtag keywords (#). For the Flood and Drought Management Tool project, you can use the hashtagged #floodsanddroughts to reference the F&DMT project. This way it will allow all Tweets about that topic to be on the same page.

There is a suggestion box on the right corner of the page for  "Who to follow" which could help you find other organisations working in the same area.


Followers could be other organisations who share the same interests as you or people who want to know about your activities. When you tweet something, they will see your tweet in their home page.

Tip: The best way to gain followers on Twitter is to regularly engage and contribute in a meaningful way (Twitter, 2016).


Blog : "New @nature_org report offers solutions to improve China’s water future http://bit.ly/1TgsikS #waterblueprint@IWAHQ"

Survey: "Quick Survey on Stakeholder Awareness of NBI and its Activities @nbiweb #floodsanddroughts"

Event: "The 9th Disaster Risk Management Seminar http://goo.gl/L6KtE5 via @WorldBank @IWAHQ"

News: "#Myanmar floods deal major blow to country’s agriculture  http://po.st/aJYsmh @FAOnews @IWAHQ#floodsanddroughts'

*During events/workshops/trainings, tell people to follow you on twitter (they will become your followers).  Add a  Follow button to your website to your twitter account.

                          Don't forget to hashtag #floodsanddroughts!

                                                  For more information about Twitter, click here.