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Webinar: Gender Roles in Water Scarcity-induced Migration

Tuesday 17 October, 2017

The GEF recognizes gender equality as an important goal in the context of its projects. Based on this, IW:LEARN has included in its fourth cycle a gender sub-component "Promotion of Gender Mainstreaming in the GEF IW Portfolio", with the scope of achieving increased recognition of gender issues and attention on gender equality throughout the GEF IW projects.
The webinar "Gender Roles in Water Scarcity-induced Migration" will take place on Tuesday 17 October. This webinar will feature a panel of experts that will approach the topic from different perspectives:

-         What is environmental migration?;
-         The link between water & migration;
-        The role of women and men in the migration process;
-         Case studies.

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*Please register before 16 October by sending an e-mail to l.thuy@unesco.org providing your name, surname and affiliation. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to attend the webinar.