Flood and Drought Management Tools
17 Aug 2017 | outreach-material   Communication strategy
02 Aug 2017 | outreach-material   Media kit
The media kit provides pre-packaged content for project stakeholders, which can be used for further promotion of the project within project stakeholder network.
02 Aug 2017 | outreach-material   Blog guideline
Blogging is all about personal perspectives that, by shining a light on complex issues, make the work of the organisation more understandable; it acts to put a human face to the organisation and the issues. Blogging increases the amount of regular, good quality, original material that can be prom...
02 Aug 2017 | outreach-material   Twitter guideline
Twitter is an easy way to discover the latest news related to subjects you are interested. It is also a quick way to share what you are going with others. Don't forget to hashtag #floodsanddroughts!