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‘New generation’ of basin planning
Published on 04 Feb 2019
Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 2
Blog | Matthew Damons
Published on 12 Sep 2018
A smart approach towards climate change
Published on 16 Aug 2018
Linking Flood and Drought Data to Water Safety Planning: Part 1
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Published on 18 Jul 2018
How are you planning for the next drought?
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Published on 01 Dec 2017
We all have issues… to analyse
Published on 21 Aug 2017
Planning for the future: collaboratively supporting decision makers to prepare and respond to floods and droughts
Support for basin and national water resource planning Basin and national water resource planning is historically supported by existing planning methods including Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) and Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis and Strategic Action Programmes (TDA/SAP). Support for water security and water safety planning For water utilities, the entry point is water safety planning (WSP), a comprehensive risk assessment and management approach from catchment to consumer that aims to consistently ensure the safety and acceptability of drinking-water supply.
Published on 21 Apr 2017
New weapons for water management
By Gareth James Lloyd (UNEP-DHI) and Oluf Zejlund Jessen (DHI)
Published on 17 Oct 2016
Threatened Food Security in Kenya
By Eng David Onyango, Joshua Oria, George Odero and Harriet Ashoro
Published on 26 Sep 2016
Enhancing water availability for improving livelihoods in Karamoja region, Uganda
By Gerald Kairu, GWPEA and Emmanuel Iyamulemye Niyibigira, Office of the Prime Minister-Uganda
Published on 04 Jul 2016
It is more of reaction than prevention
By Harriet Ashoro | Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited
Published on 08 Jun 2016